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About Us

North Clare Sea Kayaking is based in Doolin, County Clare, Ireland. Owned by Patrick O’Regan and his wife Kelly Humphries-O’Regan (that’s me!), we provide exciting guided kayaking trips around the Burren and North Clare.

Patrick O'Regan

Patrick O’Regan

Kayaking, Mountain Biking

Growing up for a love of the outdoors, Patrick has been sea kayaking, surfing, mountain biking and hiking his entire life. Patrick has travelled the world exploring a wide variety of different coasts and cultures. Most recently he tries to spend a few months each year in Canada, kayaking on the beautiful West Coast or the vast, roaring Ottawa River. He was also lucky enough to live on an island in the middle of Lake Huron, giving him the amazing opportunity to paddle the many waterways making up the Great Lakes. However, his heart has always been here, in North Clare, home to the world’s most diverse coastline (and  the world’s longest defined coastal route – the Wild Atlantic Way).  From soaring Cliffs of Moher to quiet, white sand beaches, our coastline is unique. Patrick’s experience and vast knowledge of local history and wild life is sure to provide all our clients with extraordinary memories to take home with them.

Growing up on the Ottawa River, in Canada, provided me with a great start into kayaking. After regularly negotiating the wild waters of the Ottawa, I looked further afield for a new place to paddle and ended up in Ireland. After meeting Patrick, we set off to South America and back to Canada to explore new (and not so new) waters. Traveling back and forth between two vastly different but equally stunning counties allows us ample time to keep up our paddling. Patrick and I make a good team, combining our decades of experience with our deep appreciation for nature and of Ireland itself.  So, why not join us for a paddle and Be Adventurous with North Clare Sea Kayaking.