Terms & Conditions

When booking a course the full cost of the course is taken by North Clare Sea Kayaking. A declaration form must be filled in before a person can take part in any tour or course. This will be done on the day of the tour. North Clare Sea Kayaking do not accept any liability for loss caused by failure to complete the declaration form.

North Clare Sea Kayaking require 100% of the payment to be made at time of booking. The booking will only be confirmed when full payment has been received. Due to demand, if a client cancels more than 48 hours before a tour, North Clare Sea Kayaking will refund the booking fee. However if the cancellation takes place less than 48 hours before the scheduled tour then North Clare Sea Kayaking may not be able to refund the client, but are more than happy to reschedule the paddle for another day.

North Clare Sea Kayaking assume no liability in respect of personal injury, loss, damage or third party claims which occur through no fault of its own or its instructors. North Clare Sea Kayaking cannot accept any responsibility for any of these reasons cited above that a person may incur whilst participating in any of the activities unless North Clare Sea Kayaking can be proven negligent.

Clients will agree to abide by all decisions and adhere to all instructions that North Clare Sea Kayaking staff and instructors make whilst under their supervision. This includes decisions related to water/weather conditions such as fog, wind strength, tides etc. In this case, should a tour be cancelled on the day or on the day previous to a paddle, a credit note will be issued which is valid for one year from the date of cancellation. No refund will be issued.

The prices printed on www.northclareseakayaking.com are valid at the time of publication. North Clare Sea Kayaking reserves the right to increase or decrease any of the prices at any time after publication. Any changes will be made clear at the time of booking.

North Clare Sea Kayaking reserves the right to cancel or change course dates subject to notification of those persons booked onto the course.

Permission is given for participants contact details to be entered into the North Clare Sea Kayaking data base and held in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1988.

This information will never be forwarded onto third parties.